Arutz Sheva spoke with author and educator Rabbi Nachman Seltzer, who wrote a unique book about Jerusalem together with longtime haredi journalist Rabbi Yisroel Gellis.

In the book, titled "Our Man in Jerusalem", Seltzer brings the stories of Jerusalem to life as they are told by Rabbi Gellis.

​"​It is only a few hours since the Kotel, the Western Wall, was liberated ...and Yisroel Gellis is there​", the publishers at ArtScroll wrote about the book, "Hundreds of Sifrei Torah have to be smuggled out of Iraq and into the holy city and Yisroel Gellis is there.​ The Arab television star discovers his grandmother was Jewish and wants to give her a proper Jewish burial and Yisroel Gellis is there​"​.

​"​Rabbi Yisroel Gellis knows Yerushalayim like few people on this earth​", the publishers explained, "He knows its mazes of tiny streets, the tales hidden behind its stone walls. A tenth-generation Yerushalmi, his family had close ties with the great men of the city, its famed Torah leaders, its hidden tzaddikim, and its simple Jews."

"Renowned as the "Ish Yerushalayim," the "Man of Jerusalem," Rabbi Gellis is also a journalist, radio broadcaster, and historian. And he is a person who loves adventure, rappelling into deep caves to discover their dusty secrets, dodging Jordanian bullets during the Six Day War, jumping into the choppy Mediterranean waters (and falling in!) to broadcast his radio show (on the Arutz Sheva boat)."