Minister Hotovely at Mount Hebron Regional Council
Minister Hotovely at Mount Hebron Regional CouncilSpokesperson

Settlement Affairs Minister Tzipi Hotovely on Tuesday toured the Mount Hebron Regional Council area together with council chairman Yochai Damri.

During the tour, Hotovely visited some of the local communities and discussed the importance of strengthening the council's localities with Damri.

"At this time, it is very important to strengthen the settlement enterprise and prevent a Palestinian takeover of Area C. The Mount Hebron Regional Council has great potential for strengthening the Negev and the settlement. Applying sovereignty in this area will allow us to continue to develop the settlement in the Northern Negev and Mount Hebron,” said Hotovely.

Damri added, "Applying sovereignty on Mount Hebron is essential to continuing the development and safeguarding the security and political interests of the State of Israel. I was pleased to find partners in the Settlement Affairs Ministry who see the importance of sovereignty for the benefit of the entire area."

Minister Hotovely and Damri reiterated the important points of any future plan: Yes to sovereignty, no to a Palestinian state, no to enclaves in localities and no to construction freezes.