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The Rebbe of Karlin-Stolin has instructed his followers to close all educational institutions throughout Israel as they did at the virus' outset, reports Yeshiva World News.

In a letter to hassidim the Rebbe wrote that because of increased positive COVID-19 tests, followers should adhere to a number of guidelines:

1: Extra care so as not to infect others, especially en route to prayer or work;

2: Face masks at all times covering the mouth and face and securely fastened, not to be removed until one's return home;

3: All educational institutions including, Talmudei Torah, Yeshivos Ketanos, Yeshivos Gedolos, Kollels, Seminars, and kindergartens, will close and switch to remote learning, utilizing the system already in place;

4: Study Halls will remain open for prayer only, with a limit of 20 people allowed in each minyan. After prayer no one is to stay in the Beis Midrash for any reason;

5: It is highly recommended to return to porch minyanim;

6: One should not visit one's parents inside their homes, nor visit others in their homes. People are instructed to act as they did during Pesach;

7: It is best to refrain wherever possible from participating in celebrations. Those hosting a celebration should invite as few guests as possible;

8: People over the age of 60, or others in a high-risk category, or people requiring isolation, should not leave their homes for prayer, nor for using the mikveh, nor should they mingle with a crowd of any kind. They should pray in open spaces only according to warnings issued by the Health Ministry.

At the outset of the pandemic, the Karliner Chassidim were noted as being among the most COVID-stringent in the entire country.