Unemployment office in Jerusalem
Unemployment office in JerusalemFlash 90

The Knesset on Monday night approved a bill to extend unemployment payments for those laid off or placed on unpaid leave due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The bill, which passed its second and third Knesset readings on Monday night, extends the period of unemployment payments until August 16. The extension includes those whose eligibility for unemployment payments would have ended in January or February 2020, as well as those who will have been unemployed for 12 months.

The extension will also include those who were employed for just six months prior to being fired or placed on leave, and it will count reserve duty as part of the employment period.

In addition, limits on unemployment payments for the first five days will occur only once in the unemployment period, and Israelis will be eligible for unemployment payments even if they are already receiving other stipends.

The bill, which passed 31-0, also proposed compensating the National Insurance Institute for its expenses related to the change.