One of the smuggled phones
One of the smuggled phonesIsrael Prison Services spokesman

In recent widescale searches conducted by Israel Prison Service at security prisons, cellular phones and equipment were located and confiscated.

The searches, conducted in the Ramon and Meggido prisons. During the searches, 15 "Sarsur" cellular phones, two SIM cards, headphones, and homemade chargers. The prisoners in whose cells the items were found will be tried and punished.

Security prisoners, most of whom are in prison for terror or other crimes connected to Israel's security, are constantly searching for ways to hide forbidden equipment, such as hiding a Sarsur phone in a box of turmeric, or placing keypads made of paper in order to disguise the items so that they will not arouse suspicion during a search.

A Sarsur phone is 6.5 centimetres (2.56 inches) long and 2.5 centimetres (0.79 inches) wide. A keypad of the same size connects to it, and is pressed via a pin. Security prisoners have found "creative" ways to prepare keypads and homemade chargers, and hide them in all areas of their cells.

Prison guards in the special units of Israel's prisons are well-versed in how to thoroughly search all areas of a cell and public areas, as well as in discovery of forbidden equipment which finds its way into the prisons via arrested individuals who hide the equipment on their bodies.