A study by the Israeli Health Ministry has found that the vast majority of people who died while infected with the coronavirus were suffering from high blood pressure.

According to a report by Channel 11, the overwhelming majority of coronavirus victims had at least one, and in many cases multiple pre-existing health conditions. This, however, does not suggest they would not have continued to live with the treatment controlling these conditions had they not contracted corona.

The most common pre-existing health condition was high blood pressure, which was found in 72% of the patients who died while infected with the coronavirus.

The second most common pre-existing condition found among patients who died as a result of the coronavirus was heart disease, found in about 50% of coronavirus fatalities. About 40% of patients who died had diabetes, and a similar number had neurological problems.

Twenty-three percent of those who died had suffered from chronic kidney problems, while 9% were diagnosed as obese.

Just two percent of patients who died were healthy and did not suffer from pre-existing conditions.

This parallels the findings of a study in Italy in March which found that just one percent of patients who died did not have pre-existing conditions.

A total of 29,787 people have been infected by the virus since the pandemic began, including 331 people who died, 17,950 people who recovered, and 11,677 people who are currently infected.

Of the people who are currently infected, 86 are in serious condition with a further 68 in moderate condition.

Three-hundred-and-thirty-three people are currently hospitalized with the coronavirus.