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The National Union Party led by MK Betzalel Smotrich today launched a new campaign against promoting the Netanyahu-Trump Deal of the Century program.

The campaign, which will be carried by an entire gamut of media outlets this weekend, will publish a series of ads that will reveal the similarities between the period prior to the Gaza disengagement led by Ariel Sharon and today with Netanyahu leading the Deal of the Century's implementation that prepares the infrastructure for a Palestinian state.

The National Union says that in 2005, as well, there was a strong, dominant, and popular leader in the Likud, who swept over 40 Knesset seats in the polls and forced a dramatic move for Israel's future. In 2005, too, the move was led by a prime minister who was considered the settlement's darling, and also then, settlers who opposed the plan were called "insane". But then, 8,000 Jews were expelled from their homes, and today the plan will for the first time recognize the borders of a hostile Palestinian state and possibly displace tens of thousands of Jews from enclaves that remain in its territory.

The party mentions that in 2005, too, the program was accompanied by an "unprecedented achievement" of American recognition of "settlement blocs" following the destruction of Gush Katif. A promise thrown in the rubbish bin of history by President Obama, like the precarious conditions imposed on the Palestinians for establishing a state may be jettisoned if a Democrat government is elected in the United States.

According to MK Smotrich, "The State of Israel faces a critical crossroads that will shape the State of Israel's history. On the Right is an historic opportunity to apply sovereignty to the territories of the homeland in Judea and Samaria; on the Left, the accursed old route of dividing the land and establishing a terror state in the heart of the country. Mr. Prime Minister, we urge you, turn Rightward, start sovereignty as early as tomorrow morning without any connection or dependence on the Deal of the Century and you'll be recorded in the pages of history as having taken this just and moral step and removed the idea of an Arab state in Israel from off the table."

National Union Executive Director Yehuda Wald said: "We want true sovereignty. We demand that sovereignty be applied without any conditions or recognition of future borders of a Palestinian state. Without agreeing to negotiations based on the limits Trump demands."

Wald urged Likud MKs to stop blindly following the Prime Minister: "In 2005, there were those in the Likud who understood the danger and didn't hesitate to oppose it. The Likudniks must now boldly stand against the dangerous plan in its current form."

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National Union campaign
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