Israel Employment Service office
Israel Employment Service officeFlash 90

A full 69% of those unemployed or put on unpaid leave due to coronavirus have not returned to work, despite the reopening of the economy, new numbers from the National Insurance Institute (NII) show.

Currently, there are 738,000 unemployment requests, out of 1.063 million people who were unemployed before and during the coronavirus lockdown.

Of the 1.063 million unemployed, 920,000 submitted requests since the beginning of March, while just 143,000 had submitted requests prior to the outbreak.

Since the economy began reopening on April 19, an additional 116,000 unemployment requests have been submitted to NII, while just 326,000 employees - 31% - returned to the workforce.

Earlier on Monday, it was reported that the number of Israelis seeking jobs as bus drivers has jumped 400% since the coronavirus outbreak.

Last week, Israel's Employment Service announced that it would restart face-to-face meetings, in which career counseling is offered and job offers are tailored to individuals' skills and backgrounds.

Earlier this month, Israel's Finance Ministry promised a grant to any employer who takes back an employee who was laid of or placed on unpaid leave due to the lockdown.