Avi Nissenkorn
Avi NissenkornShlomi Amsalem/GPO

In his first interview since taking office, new Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn told Channel 12 News on Saturday night that there will be no law to bypass the Supreme Court and that, as long as he is in office, there will also be no overrule clause.

"The fact that the Justice Ministry is in the hands of Blue and White is very important in my opinion to Blue and White, and I believe that for the people of Israel as well. We have said that the rule of law and keeping democracy are values that we in Blue and White see as central values, so it is important that the Minister of Justice will be from Blue and White.”

Nissenkorn rejected the claims that the justice system is broken, saying that he did not like Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s statement that he was set up. "Our role as public figures is also to correct, obviously, but also to make sure that the systems of governance are supported and respected. I will use an iron fist to make sure the judicial system is not harmed.”

This week the Supreme Court rejected the Regulation Law, a move which was backed by Blue and White but strongly condemned by the Likud which said it would enact a law bypassing the Supreme Court.

Asked about this issue, Nissenkorn said unequivocally, "The ruling of the Supreme Court will be respected. There will be no law bypassing the court.” He also stated that "there will be no overrule clause" as long as he serves as Minister of Justice.