Arutz Sheva spoke with Black Lives Matter activist Nohely Rose in wake of the violent protests that have shaken the US over the past month.

Rose says that while the protest movement was "uniting and coming together," it was still "met with police brutality" and that peaceful protesters were still being "met with aggression and trying to be silenced."

She says that in lieu of "systematic racism," the black community was "demanding to be equal."

Asked about her view about the rioting and looting that has taken place in recent weeks, Rose says she was "part of the protests (herself)," and that people she knew along with her partner had been arrested.

"Looting and rioting is also part of what we need to be doing", she says and defines the looting as "harming the big corporations and going into the pocket of America, the financial pocket of America"

"These companies essentially need to be torn down", Rose explains, "and we're taking that in a very literal way. So it's not just about the purse that I want or the Nike that I want or the TV that I want"

While she doesn't express support for the violence, Rose places part of the blame with 'corporate America' whom she accuses of "profiting from the racism and said that people robbing stores were "hurting the corporate world." She says that breaking windows was an "opportunity for some people to get what they "otherwise can't (sic) afford."