M-16 (illustration)
M-16 (illustration)istock

An IDF soldier's weapon was stolen Thursday morning from a medical company during a stay in the Kfir Brigade's training base in the Jordan Valley.

The investigation revealed that the medic was asleep with the weapon in his hand, but the theft was not prevented because of the changing of the guard shifts.

Shin Bet and police officials have been working since the morning to locate the stolen weapon. At the same time, the investigation to determine exactly how the theft occurred continues.

The 'Torat Lehima' (military tactics) organization said in response to the theft: "The phenomenon of break-ins at bases and thefts at training grounds by thieves from the Arab or Bedouin populations is not the main problem, but is rather part of a larger ongoing problem we dealt with with senior reserve officers at a conference last week."

"This phenomenon must be dealt with systemically and thoroughly, while dealing with its root cause. The political echelon must address this systemic problem by strengthening sovereignty in the Negev and the [Jordan] Valley together with restoring the fighting values of the IDF, which is expressed in the view of the thieves that they will not be severely punished," the organization added.