HotovelyLora Ben Dahan

Settlement Affairs Minister Tzipi Hotovely has announced to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that she is accepting his proposal to be appointed Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom.

This enables the prime minister's plan to appoint her ambassador and evacuate the newly-established settlement affairs ministry to Minister Zahi Hanegbi, who currently serves as minister without portfolio, to be carried out.

Netanyahu had already announced his intention to appoint Hotovely as the ambassador in London in a speech presenting his current government at the Knesset.

However, in response to the speech, Minister Hotovely said that Netanyahu's announcement had not been made with her consent, and that no agreement had yet been reached between her and the prime minister on the appointment.

Now, as mentioned, Hotovely accepted the offer and is expected to be appointed to the position. Hanegbi, in the meantime, has already started touring this week in the Judea and Samaria area ahead of his expected entry into the position of Minister for Settlement Affairs.