Former US Senator Joe Lieberman spoke to Shabbat UNPLUGGED Founder and CEO Dr. Ruth Kabbesa-Abramzon onTuesday about the importance of Shabbat to the Jewish people.

"I think that Jewish philanthropy will have the greatest return on investment in this extraordinary idea... a door to understanding Jewish culture. Your idea to 'unplug' amplifies the power and the beauty of the Shabbat is that in the modern world we're constantly connected, no getting away from electronics. So for me one of the most difficult moments, is turning off my smartphone. But then, when I do it, it's a metaphor of Shabbat - I feel I am liberated," Lieberman said.

Senator Lieberman also related to current burning issues in the US, from violent racism and anti-Semitism to freedom of speech. He called President Trump "one of the most pro-Israeli Presidents since the establishment of the State in 1948," but said Democratic candidate former Vice President Joe Biden is "wonderfully supportive of Israel."

He said that there is an element on the far-left of the Democratic Party which is not as pro-Israel as the Democratic Party has traditionally been. "That's a great concern to me. It'll be worked out at the Convention of the Democratic Party this summer, whether it is real or virtual, maybe expressed in the platform. And it will be important. A lot of people who care about Israel - Jews and Christians - will be watching that. And I hope it comes out where Hoe Biden himself, as a candidate for president, [will be] as he has been for his career, which is to be pro-Israel."

Addressing the protests which have erupted in America over the murder of an African American man in police custody, Liberman said: "As we saw, the tragic infuriating murder of George Floyd and the mistreatment of black people in America, it all boils over in a time when the society is already stressed, we need to restore order and stop police from mistreating black people just basing on their race - it is just unacceptable in America. But we can't also have civilized society in which people are provoking anarchy and looting and insecurity on our streets. Hopefully we can do both things at once."