Motorcycle accident
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In 2019, 27 young motorcycle and scooter riders were killed, for a 70% rise compared to 2018's 17 deaths, the Or Yarok road safety organization reported.

In addition, 780 motorcycle and scooter riders were injured in 2019, a full 607 of them in cities. Most of those killed were also killed within cities and towns, the report noted.

In Jerusalem, 106 young riders were injured and six were killed - the highest number in a decade. In Tel Aviv-Jaffa, 95 were injured and in Holon, 34 young riders were injured in traffic accidents, the city's highest number in eight years.

In the past decade, nearly 7,049 young riders between the ages of 15-24 have been injured, and 91 of them have been killed, for an annual average of approximately 700 injuries and nine deaths.

According to Or Yarok CEO Erez Kita, "the rise in the number of deaths among youths, some of whom have not yet finished high school, is dramatic and incomprehensible. Behind every death there is a family who waited for him at home. These difficult statistics should bother all of the bodies who are responsible for road safety, and they must act immediately to prevent these unnecessary accidents and reduce the number of youths injured in them."

"The Transportation and Road Safety Ministry must improve the young riders' training in order to teach them not only to control the motorcycle but also to read the danger map that the road presents. Training must be more thorough in order to reduce the number of young riders involved in road accidents and prevent the next young death."