Police enforcement of coronavirus guidelines (illustrative)
Police enforcement of coronavirus guidelines (illustrative)Avshalom Sassoni/Flash90

Nearly 80% of the Israeli public supports increasing enforcement of the requirements to wear masks, maintain a two-meter distance between people, and maintain hygiene, a Geocartography poll showed.

The poll, conducted for the Health Ministry, was presented by Health Minister Yuli Edelstein (Likud) to the Coronavirus Cabinet, which is discussing the rise in the number of coronavirus cases over the past week.

Edelstein noted that over the past few days, Israel has tested more than 16,000 per day for coronavirus. However, he emphasized that it is of critical importance to add at least 200 workers in health fund and hospital labs.

"In a single week, 800 people were diagnosed with coronavirus," Edelstein said. "We cannot remain indifferent to this number. The police must go back to strict enforcement in order to bring the public discipline back and allow us to continue reopening the economy, including reopening the trains in another two days in accordance with the agreement we made with the Transportation Ministry. There must be enforcement at malls, on buses, on trains, in restaurants, at event halls - no one wants the economy to close because of them."

"As the poll shows, the public also wants this. No one wants to be harmed because of those who violate the laws. No one wants the economy to be closed because of them.

"Our path must be one of minimum danger and maximum protection. The solution is integrated: More reopening of the economy, including of the train in accordance with the agreement made with the Transportation Ministry, but at the same time - more testing, a significant increase in enforcement, and more information to the public."