Jordan Valley
Jordan ValleyHadas Parush/Flash90

Lt. Col. Yaron Buskila, Secretary of the Security Movement, is concerned about arguments by certain security officials that sovereignty should not be implemented in early July.

"In fact, there are clear opinions from military personnel who reject the fears and the inaccuracies in the data. We think the Jordan Valley is fully part of the State of Israel and is very much needed for its security. Already in 1967, Yigal Alon said it, Ariel Sharon said, it and even Rabin expressed it. We have to explain the security benefit of this process as well, and it is very big," Buskila told Arutz Sheva.

While Jordan has issued threats in recent days against the application of Israeli sovereignty in any part of Judea and Samaria, Buskila believes the 'balance sheet' still favors Israel. "I'm really not concerned by the Jordanian response. Jordan has a primary interest in our maintaining control of the Jordan Valley, a region which is unstable and where we serve as a buffer for it."

"The Palestinian Authority also has a vested interest in the Jordan Valley, because if they have a border with Jordan they will not be able to control the entire border and there will be movement of Palestinians from Jordan into the PA. They will lose control over the authority, which is even less stable than the Jordanians," he added.

"What is troubling us is that there is still no sovereignty and there are some who are attempting to damage this process. If there is no sovereignty, leaders will try to do what Ehud Barak or Ehud Olmert have done, and be ready to hand over the entire Valley to the Palestinian Authority," he said.