Hundreds of viewers from all over the world participated in a special live musical prayer gathering from Ancient Shiloh, held by the Binyamin Regional Council due to the coronavirus pandemic crisis that has severely affected Jewish communities around the world.

The Binyamin Regional Council, together with the historical site of ancient Shiloh, on Sunday evening held a special prayer event to pray for the recovery of Jewish communities in the Diaspora, a live broadcast with hundreds of viewers from all over the world.

This initiative aimed to send out a message of support and strengthen the communities in these difficult times. The event included stories about Hannah's prayer and the power of our nation which has always managed to remain strong through times of suffering, and songs of prayer out of the Hallel, which is recited on Rosh Chodesh.

The event was broadcast live on the Facebook pages of Binyamin region and ancient Shiloh, as well as on YouTube and Instagram. During the broadcast people from all over commented how excited ad touched they were to be part of this, and many wrote in advance names for prayers on the Binyamin region's website.

The head of the Binyamin region, Israel Gantz, commented, "Binyamin embraces Jews from all Diasporas. We were so touched to see the heartwarming comments of our brothers abroad. The coronavirus pandemic caused so much hurt to the communities overseas, it was important to us to strengthen them in this difficult time."

Miri Maoz-Ovadia, Manager of the international Desk of the Council, added, "Shiloh has always been a place of prayer and unity. We initiated this event in order to support and stand together with our brothers and sisters overseas, and to strengthen the connection between the communities of Binyamin and communities abroad. This crisis created an opportunity, to grow closer despite the geographical distance, and we will continue to create and enhance these connections.