Yossi Dagan hands out certificates of appreciation
Yossi Dagan hands out certificates of appreciationRoi Hadi

Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan issued a certificate of appreciation to a young man who fired at a terrorist last week in the PA-controlled village of Huwara, thwarting the attack.

Two teenage hitchhikers, Eliezer Firer and Ahya Lipnik, who were on their way to school at the time of the attempted attack, along with their families, were also in attendance.

Dagan presented the certificate to the boys for their resourcefulness in summoning security forces to the area along with the driver who fired in the air, forcing the terrorist to flee the scene and saving the teens' lives.

"Every Israeli should know that they have the full backing [of the government] when they are in danger and are looking out for themselves," said Dagan. Those defending themselves against terrorists or protecting others will get our full support. God forbid we have a situation where people are attacked and are afraid to protect themselves."

The ceremony was also attended by the families of the boys, including Ahya Lipnik's brothers. Lipnik was the boy whom the terrorist was likely to have hit had the attack gone through. Ahya's mother thanked the driver for shielding the hitchhikers and said: "You saved our children. You acted courageously. We will not forget that."

Eliezer's mother, Leah Firer, also thanked the driver. Eliezer was the one to contact the Samaria Regional security hotline. "I wasn't really thinking when it happened. I just did what I had to do. But since then, I've had the events of those nights replaying themselves in my head," Eliezer said, promising not to alter his daily routine and continue to travelling along the roads of Judea and Samaria.