0404 News reported another terrorist attack in the PA-controlled town of Huwara a short time ago. According to the report, Arab terrorists attacked an Israeli vehicle passing through the Samaria town pelting it with stones and iron rods. The Israeli motorist avoided injury, but his vehicle was badly damaged in the attack. IDF forces arriving on the scene dispersed protestors using methods of crowd control.

The driver was contacted by Honenu's new hotline for victims of stoning attacks. Shmuel Medad (Zangy) head of the organization that provides legal counsel for terror victims, said: "Stoning terror attacks must be stopped. Unfortunately, the authorities need to be spurred into action and our assistance. We need you, the citizens of Israel, to [help us in this effort]. I urge anyone who's been attacked on the roads of Judea and Samaria to contact us and together, we will defeat the terror."

Last night, an Israeli vehicle passing through Huwwara was targeted by an Arab terrorist whose gun failed go off, allowing the driver to get out of his vehicle and fired into the air, forcing the terrorist to flee the scene.

A short time ago, in what appeared to be a reprisal attack, several dozen Jewish youths attacked Palestinian Arabs on a road near Huwara.

A Border Police force arrived at the scene to deal with the incident. Damage was found on several Arab vehicles.