Jewish houses inside eastern Jerusalem
Jewish houses inside eastern JerusalemEliahu Yanai

Against the backdrop of the Coronavirus crisis, this year more than ever, we have a historic and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to redeem more homes in Jerusalem. Ateret Cohanim, which is leading the fight for redemption of homes in Jerusalem, is launching a wide-scope fundraising campaign.

Jerusalem Day is going to be different this year. Every year, residents of the Jewish Old City, those who live in the Jewish Quarter and those who live in the other quarters, inside and out of the City walls, are happy to see those tens of thousands of people who come to get excited and relive the miracle of the liberation of Jerusalem back then in the Six Day War, a miracle that Jews have dreamed of for many generations.

This year it will be different. The Coronavirus and social distancing changed the picture. The streets will remain relatively empty and the celebration will not be complete without the thousands of children and youth filling the streets waving Israeli flags.

But precisely because of this and precisely now, against the backdrop of the Coronavirus epidemic and the global economic crisis "We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to redeem more homes in the Old City of Jerusalem and bring new momentum to the Jerusalem rebuilding project", say the people of Ateret between connection and continuity more streets and areas, and settle more new families in the different neighborhoods inside the walls of the Old City and those outside the wall, east of it. Especially on Jerusalem Day this year, we invite you to take part and join our annual fundraising day." This coming Jerusalem Day, the 20-22 of May, we will connect and recruit the entire nation of Israel and raise half a million NIS together.

Ateret Cohanim, headed by Mati Dan, was founded more than 40 years ago and has been involved in land redemption and home-buying in the Old City and other neighborhoods east of it. The association renovates these houses and repopulates them with Jewish families. Thanks to this activity, these areas are currently inhabited by hundreds of Jewish families and thousands of people. Together they create a Jewish settlement sequence in the area. Along with educational institutions and

Yeshivot established by Ateret Cohanim, you can already hear in the area the sound of ​​Torah learning, as well as the sound of Jewish children playing.

Jewish children playing
Jewish children playingצילום: Eliahu Yanai

As part of the Magen Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Shield) project, the association has established in East Jerusalem and in areas near the Old City new Jewish neighborhoods and many Jewish outposts. Jewish life can be found in Abu-Tor, in the Yemenite village in Shiloah (Silwan), in Ma'aleh HaZeitim om the Mount of Olives, in Kidmat Zion and in Sheikh Jarrah (Shimon HaTzaddik). All this is done with the aim of creating a settlement sequence that would prevent dividing this city again.

"The task is particularly heavy these days", Say the people of Ateret Cohanim. "We are fighting for the future identity of Jerusalem, when alongside the Trump plan, the Palestinian Authority is making great efforts to block the possibility of us building homes and living freely in our capital.

Come take part with us in fulfilling the prophecy: "For G-d has comforted Zion, comforted all her ruins".

We have 48 hours. Let's do it, for Jerusalem.