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Restaurants will reopen to customers next week, on Wednesday, May 27.

According to News 12, the decision was made after an agreement was reached between the Restaurants Organization and the Health Ministry regarding the conditions for the restaurants' reopening.

Under the agreement, the restaurants, bars, cafes, and clubs without live performances, will reopen on May 27, in accordance with a list of guidelines.

Customers will be allowed to enter only after their temperatures have been taken. Restaurants which can hold up to 100 customers may fill to capacity, while those which can hold more than 100 will fill to 85% capacity.

Seating will be allowed outside, with at least one meter of space between customers.

The new regulations also include rules regarding sterilization and cleanliness, as well as increased hygiene for the chefs and staff.

Until now, due to the coronavirus restrictions, restaurants have only allowed delivery or take-out.