ח"כ אופיר סופרערוץ 7

MK Ofir Sofer (Yamina) on Sunday told Arutz Sheva, following the swearing-in ceremony of the new government, that his party will be a right-wing marker in case a political plan to establish a Palestinian state is promoted.

Sofer began by welcoming the establishment of the new government, saying, "The fact that a government has been established in Israel is a good thing. It may be a little surprising, but in the end a government should be formed. We are after three election campaigns, after a difficult crisis, and need to move forward."

"At the same time, there is no doubt that because of these circumstances, this government is going to be very, very complex. A government that we have difficulty identifying its ideological lines and even fear that they can go elsewhere," he continued.

"We have to honestly say that the way Yamina, a relevant and I think quite natural partner, was dealt with, it was a manner in which we were told, ‘Stay outside, I prefer to be without you and if you come in then you will be weak and insignificant.’”

"We think it is better to act from within the Knesset but in a strong and meaningful way," added Sofer. "Let’s say it clearly. When you're in a coalition you have to compromise on all kinds of things and sometimes you have to shut your mouth when you don't need to. So let’s say that with what they offered us, and they never really did make an offer, it is better to be strong on the right and challenge and sound our real voice."

Commenting on his party’s role in the opposition, he said, "I think the job is to be a right-wing marker, a Jewish marker, a marker to protect if, God forbid, we go into something that is not just applying sovereignty but something beyond that, i.e. some political plan, then we will have a role.”