Lone soldiers making aliyah
Lone soldiers making aliyahFlash 90

The Ministries of Defense, Finance, and Social Equality, as well as the Prime Minister’s Office, have agreed upon the delivery of an aid package for ‘lone’ soldiers released from their service in the IDF.

Recently released, lone soldiers will receive special assistance as a result of the Corona crisis. A housing grant amounting to NIS 4,000 will be given to each eligible lone soldier

As a result of the Corona crisis, the community of discharged lone soldiers is facing unique difficulties, having to start their new lives as civilians without the support and presence of their families, and unable to receive unemployment benefits in a time of widespread economic challenges. The aforementioned government ministries have been working together in recent weeks to address this issue.

A lone soldier in his/her first year of discharge from military service, who is registered at, and receiving a housing grant from the Foundation and Unit for Discharged Soldiers in the MoD, is eligible for a special, one-time housing grant amounting to NIS 4000. The grant will be given to a soldier who holds a housing lease in effect during the crisis period (from the beginning of March until May 31st, 2020).

The funds will be transferred directly to the soldier’s bank account. Recently released soldiers who have not registered at the unit may apply for assistance via the routine procedure.

The grant will be awarded to eligible individuals in the near future. The Foundation and Unit for Discharged Soldiers will notify eligible individuals upon completion of the transfer.