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The current global health situation is pushing more and more businesses online – from remote work to online ordering and sales. Brick-and-mortar business are pivoting to create a stronger online presence online. Even existing digital service providers are doubling down to expand their reach.

At Arutz Sheva, our dedicated advertising specialists can help craft the best marketing package and strategy to suit your specific goals and needs. With over 1.3 million visits on average every month, which translates into over 8 million page views, there’s lots of potential to get your ad seen by a relevant audience.

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We offer a variety of different ad types – from banner ads throughout the site to native content that drives high amounts of engagement. We also offer premium placements in prominent locations throughout the site, perfect or short-term, high visibility campaigns like Black Friday or crowdfunding events.

Most of our readers are based out of North America, but our ads can be targeted to wherever you’d like people to see them, down to individual states. Most of our users come through mobile, and we allow you to target people based off the types of devices they use.

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With a readership ranging from 18 to 65+, we have an audience for every type of marketing campaign you’re looking to run, and with 24-hour coverage, people know they can come to Arutz Sheva for the latest breaking news – and they’ll see your campaigns in the process.

Contact our advertising department today, we’ll be happy to assist you with every aspect of planning and running your campaign, including special end-of-year packages and discounts.

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