Terminal 3 at Ben Gurion Airport
Terminal 3 at Ben Gurion AirportT.P.S.

A new plan formulated for Ben Gurion Airport may allow flights to resume, Israel Hayom reported.

The plan will significantly reduce the chance of infection both at the airport and on the flights themselves.

Under the plan, no one who is not flying will be able to enter the airport, and passengers will be required to arrive four hours before their flight. At the entrance to the terminal, passengers will be required to present both their tickets and their passports, and temperatures will be checked. Every passenger will be required to wear a mask.

According to Israel Hayom, any passenger who is found to have a fever will not be able to enter the airport. During the flight, passengers will maintain a distance of two meters from each other, and only nuclear families will be able to stand together. The check-in counters will serve only to send suitcases to the flights, and the trays in which passengers place personal objects before security checks will be sterilized often.

Any passenger arriving in Israel will need to undergo a coronavirus test or show results of a test. Valid tests will be those conducted within a preset amount of time, or a certificate that the passenger is immune to coronavirus.

Any passenger found to be ill with coronavirus will not be able to enter Israel, and will be sent to the medical authorities. A passenger who is allowed to fly will present a medical visa or medical approval to the airline.

Currently, only Israeli citizens and new immigrants are allowed to enter Israel, and they are required to maintain a 14-day quarantine after arrival. However, it is estimated that Israel will soon join an agreement in which several countries which have successfully managed coronavirus reopen routes between themselves. It is also believed that the first two countries in this plan will be Greece and Cyprus.

However, under the plan, Terminal 1 would remain closed.

Separately, Channel 12 reported on Wednesday that preparations underway to allow Ben Gurion Airport to reopen on June 1. In order to ensure safety, serologic tests will be conducted, and passengers will be followed.