The Shurat Hadin Human Rights organization that specializes in the legal-economic struggle against terror organizations, will hold an online expert roundtable this evening to discuss Chinese government culpability for the worldwide COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Attending will be former United States National Security Advisor John Bolton, along with senior world-renowned attorneys specializing in international law.

At the center of the debate will be the question of Chinese government immunity as a sovereign state from tort claims, along with its responsibility for hiding information and state negligence in spreading the virus. This, after hundreds of private claims have already been filed against the world power.

The meeting will take place in English on Tuesday, May 12th,.2020 at 20:00 and will be broadcast live on Arutz Sheva and the Facebook page of the Shurat Hadin Organization.

Shurat Hadin President Advocate Nitzana Darshan Leitner said: "Should China, despite the sovereign immunity of the Chinese government, have to bear the consequences of the fatal pandemic, both from a health and economic point of view? I invite you to take part in a fascinating discussion that will have significant and even devastating ramifications for the Chinese government."

Nitsana Darshan-Leitner
Nitsana Darshan-LeitnerShurat HaDin