Nir Orbach
Nir OrbachHezki Baruch

Dear friends,

We are now on the eve of significant decisions. The proposal that is officially placed on our doorstep:

  • Education Minister;
  • Jerusalem and Heritage Minister;
  • Deputy Minister (not yet closed);
  • Knesset Committee Chairmanship.

We are not concerned with personal accounts but with maintaining the significant power of religious Zionism within the government and the Jewish Home within Yamina and then automatically in the government.

As voices of activists and of the national religious public in general emerge, there is no clear and unequivocal stance on how the public, through the activists, thinks we ought to act.

On the one hand, last weekend, in coordination with us, a letter was signed by dozens of deputies, council heads, party branch heads, and key activists, calling on us, in the absence of significant progress in the quality of portfolios and roles they offer us and with no clear adherence to fundamental and important values, to go to the opposition-

-Yet on the other hand, many voices call on us to maintain the status of Jewish Home and the values ​​of religious Zionism from within the government.

Right now, the position of the entire Yamina Party is that chances are we're headed to the opposition, but there is still discussion about how to get an upgraded proposal and thus enter as significant partners in the coalition.

All of these factors are joined by the Prime Minister's promise, on the eve of submitting the lists, and in exchange for the high price we paid for unity in the camp to leave Rabbi Rafi Peretz in his position as Education Minister. We know that the Prime Minister wants to meet this commitment.

We keep in touch with activists through Zoom and regularly hear your positions and try to take them into account in the internal discussions that take place between the parties that make up Yamina. The issue is undoubtedly complex and we pray that G-d will grant us the wisdom to make the right decision for Yamina, Jewish Home, and for all of religious Zionism.

We will keep you up to date with developments as they come.