Hamas, Islamic Jihad terrorists
Hamas, Islamic Jihad terroristsFlash 90

The Be'er Sheva District Court on Sunday evening convicted Michael Peretz, a resident of Moshav Mivtahim in the Gaza envelope, for illegal dealings with Hamas.

Peretz was convicted of attempting to smuggle into the Gaza Strip, without coordination and without a permit, material that could assist Hamas in carrying out terrorist attacks against Israel.

According to the prosecution, Peretz knew that a Gaza merchant was delivering the goods to Hamas, and had even been warned about that fact, but indirectly traded with the terrorist group regardless.

At the same time, he was acquitted on charges of aiding an enemy during wartime.

“Even if we take a lenient attitude toward the defendant, because he didn’t intend to undermine national security ... he still committed actions that did undermine national security,” the court wrote.

It further said that, during the trial, Peretz was clearly dismissive of the charges against him and “repeatedly refused to answer difficult questions truthfully.”