Ahead of the kindergarten opening (ages 3-6) this Sunday, the Education Ministry instructed kindergarten administrators to prepare for the return of the children. In light of this, pre-school teachers will stop remote study.

Ahead of the opening on Sunday, the Ministry published the gradual return plan: three days in kindergarten and three days learning at home.

Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz noted, "Kindergartens (3-6) are returning to activity. As part of the gradual return of the entire education system, the government has decided to adopt the Ministry's outline and return to regular kindergarten activities. I instructed the professional level to work at maximum efficiency in high readiness this Sunday for the return of the children. The parents will return to their work and thus the economy will return to activity and the children will return to their daily routine, of course with maximum adherence to Health Ministry guidelines."

Education Ministry Director Shmuel Abubav added, "We're preparing to open the kindergartens, and we've already started with the necessary preparations. We asked preschool administrators to stop remote study so they could spend the next few days preparing, organizing, and readying them to welcome the children and allow the authorities to prepare accordingly. I want to thank the education teams who do their holy work every single day in the schools and kindergartens."