book burning (illustration)
book burning (illustration)ISTOCK

In a promo from the second episode of the 'Survivor' television program that was scheduled to air last night (Monday), one participant suggested using a copy of the book of Psalms to light a fire.

'Survivor' contestant Ido Kozikaro brought up the idea, sparking fierce resistance from the other contestants. Following the resistance, he offered to burn "only the first two pages."

Fellow contestant Lital Smadja responded angrily: "There are issues you don't joke about, what's this? Am I going to burn the Psalms? What are you saying sweetie? Is it that we won't burn you?"

Kozikaro himself responded in a conversation with Yisrael Hayom: "It was said as a joke and I never intended to burn the Psalms. Of course I respect every religion. In 'Survivor' we are under pressure and should not be judged."

The 'Survivor' production commented: "Things speak for themselves and those who saw the passage in question understood that it was said in jest. At the same time, the 'Survivor' production apologizes if anyone is offended by the things said."

Communications Minister Dudi Amsalem (Likud) sent a sharp letter to the chairman of the Second Authority for Radio and Television, demanding that the promo be deleted and even that the broadcast in question be deleted and not shown. It's hard for me to understand how this abomination got on screen on a commercial channel in the Jewish state, and I have to regret it and condemn it," Amsalem wrote.

"I want to make an immediate inquiry with the administrators of Reshet 13 and find out why the promo for the broadcast has been approved, and if it is still possible to not broadcast the entire section of the evening program, and how the case will be handled on all possible levels," the minister added.