Today's protest tent
Today's protest tentIm Tirtzu

Bereaved families Tuesday set up a protest tent in front of the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem, demanding that a prisoner swap deal with Hamas not be executed under which prisoners with blood on their hands will be released.

The bereaved families demand not to allow such a "wholesale release", emphasizing that everything must be done to return the captives and missing persons, but not by releasing murderers from Israeli prisons.

The bereaved families presented their own outline for the prisoner deal, which includes returning murderers' bodies only against the return of our killed, that no bodies be returned only for information, and that economic, military, and health leverage be deployed against Hamas. "The deal must be a prerequisite for the entire arrangement, including continued flow of Qatari money to the Gaza poor," they said.

Members of the Im Tirtzu movement, who came to support the families' struggle, also came to the protest tent. Herzl Hajaj, father of the late Lieutenant Shir, who was killed in an attack at the Armon HaNetziv neighborhood in Jerusalem said: "The State of Israel needs to stop this madness that will allow the wholesale release of terrorists. It's clear that the terrorist who is released today will murder tomorrow. The blood of the next murdered ones will be on the hands of the Israeli government. This madness must be stopped immediately."

Boaz Kukia, the father of the late soldier Ron who was killed in an attack in Arad two years ago, added: "We mustn't repeat the Shalit mistake, following which the area began to boil over. Many Israelis were murdered since the release and the Palestinians got a second wind from this deal for the continued terrorism that led to rounds of fighting in Operations Defensive Shield and Protective Edge. The cycle of bloody deals must be stopped, Hamas must be defeated, and we mustn't surrender to their demands."

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