Israel is joining a new initiative led by Austria which unites a group of countries which believe they have succeeded in containing the coronavirus pandemic at this time, Channel 12 News reports.

According to the report, the members of the alliance aim to open their borders with the goal of rehabilitating their tourism industries as well as repair other economic damages.

An online virtual meeting of the heads of the so-called “vaccinated countries” took place last week, according to the report. Participating in the meeting, in addition to Israel and Austria, were Denmark, Greece, the Czech Republic and New Zealand.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Austria's Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is also promoting an idea that includes opening the borders between the countries in the near future. Doing so would enable mutual tourism and trade.

The newspaper also reported that the countries discussing the subject "have already formulated agreements for their internal borders and the transition from state to state."

There are reportedly a number of countries in Europe strongly opposed to the joint initiative involving Europe and Israel.