Lag B'Omer in Meron
Lag B'Omer in MeronAdi Gefen/TPS

Despite the decline in the official number of coronavirus patients, the government intends to continue the stringent restrictions and impose significant limitations on Lag B'Omer in a week-and-a-half.

At the recommendation of the Health Ministry and National Security Council, burning bonfires across the country, except in three major centers, is banned.

In addition, officials recommend closing Mount Meron and are considering imposing significant traffic restrictions during the holiday itself. At the same time, today's discussions will continue regarding opening gyms, hotels, bed & breakfast lodges, and markets.

Also, as of today at 8:00 am, restriction on sports activities up to 500 meters from home will be abolished, but the ban on access to parks and beaches remains in place.

At this point, the ban on going more than 100 meters away from one's house will remain in effect. Today, discussions are expected to continue in the government regarding eliminating traffic restrictions and opening gyms, hotels, bed & breakfast lodges, and markets.