Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva wedding during coronavirus pandemic
Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva wedding during coronavirus pandemicHezki Baruch

With the eased Health Ministry guidelines for the coronavirus and gradual return to routine, discussions are being held with the National Security Council and Health Ministry on returning to a routine of learning sessions.

Also among the Zionist higher yeshivot, a number of creative solutions are being considered in case a full-scale return to institutions is not approved, to result in a resumption of study in the yeshivot safely.

A document reached Arutz Sheva that indicates one of the proposed solutions as distributing yeshiva students into learning "capsules", similar to the current routine in the IDF.

According to this solution, yeshiva students will be divided into groups, capsules of up to 30, and after the appropriate tests and screening out those belonging to the risk groups, they will be allowed to attend the institution for a prolonged period of several weeks, without the possibility of leaving the yeshiva.

Students will be entitled to attend their sessions and learn in the capsule-adapted areas to which they belong, without any contact with other students or the outside world.

After a period of several weeks, the group will return to its home and another group will take its place. In the meantime, until the next shift in the session, students will study in their homes and participate in yeshiva study remotely for a few weeks, until their return to the yeshiva.

Association of Higher Yeshivot Executive Director Moshe Gutman added: "Learning Torah is a national asset and an important component of the national strength of the Jewish People. That is why we are in contact with the professional bodies in government ministries in intensive work for safe return, as soon as reality and medical factors allow.

"We are in full coordination with all the umbrella organizations of the yeshiva public and the haredi public," he said. "Returning to the yeshivot will require a great deal of discipline and adherence to the health guidelines. We trust the students' self-discipline. They understand the greatness of their responsibilities, and the gravity of the hour. We now see how important the Torah world is to the public and to the students.

"Everyone wants to be among the first to return, but probably only some of the students will return at the beginning, and as the model succeeds we can return to full activity," Gutman said.