Doctor Shai Fein
Doctor Shai Feinspokesperson

Doctor Shai Fein, the Chair of Anesthesia and Critical Care at Assuta Public Hospital in Ashdod, urged the Health Ministry to allow hospitals to resume regular activities.

"The Health Ministry has been prohibiting elective surgery for more than a month. This is an aggressive measure designed to deal with a wave of coronavirus patients that has not happened," Dr. Fein said.

"At present, this is an unnecessary and dangerous delay for patients and those requiring treatment," the doctor said.

"Elective surgeries are not a privilege, but treatments that are arranged [ahead of time]. As time goes on, the health damage to the patient increases and may become irreversible."

"The time has come to release the restrictions and let us work. This we will do with maximum care for us and the patient," Dr. Fein added.

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