PM Netanyahu
PM NetanyahuEliran Aharon

The Movement for Quality Government on Monday evening submitted an appeal to Israel's Supreme Court, requesting that it prevent Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu from continuing to serve in the position, since he has been indicted - but not tried - on several charges.

In the appeal, the movement requests that the court issue a declaratory government stating that it has an obligation to publish an opinion detailing and clarifying what criteria an MK must meet before he can be tasked with forming a government, since Netanyahu has been charged with bribery, fraud, and breach of trust.

The appeal notes that currently, Netanyahu is an MK like all others, and is requesting to be tasked with forming a government. He is not serving as a chosen prime minister, the appeal adds, but rather as prime minister due to the laws of continuity.

In such a situation, the appeal claims, he has the legal status of any MK trying to receive the recommendations of other parties and thereby be tasked by the President with forming a government, and as such, he is bound by the criteria for becoming prime minister, just like any other MK of his status. Therefore, someone with criminal indictments, especially those of bribery, fraud, and breach of trust, cannot be fit to receive the task of forming a government, and certainly is not fit to lead the government.

"This is a person who has been indicted on some of the most serious criminal charges an elected official can be indicted with, and for the first time in the State of Israel's history, he has been charged with committing these crimes while serving as Prime Minister. Such a person cannot serve as a leader and role model, and cannot serve as prime minister," the appeal claims.

The appeal has been submitted to the Supreme Court twice already, and rejected due to irrelevance, since both times it was submitted, Netanyahu had not been tapped to form a government.

On Monday night, during the time period when any MK may garner the support of 61 MKs and form a government, Netanyahu signed an agreement with Blue and White Chairman MK Benny Gantz, stipulating that a unity government will be formed and led by Netanyahu for a year and a half, after which Gantz will replace him as Prime Minister.

The coalition agreement also states that if the Supreme Court disqualifies Netanyahu, Israel will head to fourth elections.

Netanyahu has been indicted on various charges including receiving improper gifts and offering a media mogul lucrative regulatory changes in exchange for positive coverage. Legal experts have pointed out that the charges Netanyahu is being indicted for are unprecedented and strange, as well as endanger the freedom of the press and democracy.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu has denied the allegations.