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Fence (illustrative)iStock

The municipality of Ramat Gan has announced that it has erected fences to prevent pedestrians from entering Ramat Gan from Bnei Brak.

The fences have been set up in every possible crossing point that is not blocked off by police, with Ramat Gan’s municipality stating that, “if the police do not block these crossing points, it is only appropriate that we do so, in order to take responsibility for public health.”

Following Ramat Gan’s announcement, the Bnei Brak municipality announced that it would be sending workers to remove the fences which were erected within Bnei Brak’s city limits without police or municipal permits.

Deputy Mayor of Bnei Brak, Attorney Gedaliah Ben Shimon noted, “In the current situation, what we need is mutual responsibility and solidarity – and [Ramat Gan Mayor] Carmel Shama [Hacohen] does the exact opposite and increases the divisions between us. Publicly elected officials should show responsibility.”

To date, 1,323 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in Bnei Brak. The infection rate in the city currently stands at 622.5 patients per 100,000 people and the number of those infected is multiplying by around 2.9 per week.

Attorney Moshe Yitzhak Ausdeitcher wrote to Ramat Gan’s mayor: “In light of the high infection rate in Ramat Gan which you yourself noted, I trust that you will display true leadership and concern for your fellow citizens and erect similar fences between Ramat Gan and the neighboring cities of Givatayim and Tel Aviv. Otherwise, your hatred for haredim is simply too apparent.”

Residents of Ramat Gan were among the very first cases of coronavirus in the country, bringing it back with them from vacations in Italy and on the Diamond Princess cruise ship.