Elderly patients (illustrative)
Elderly patients (illustrative)iStock

On Tuesday night, a 98-year-old woman passed away from coronavirus, the country’s 21st fatality from the epidemic and the second to have been a resident at the Mishan retirement home in Be'er Sheva.

She had been admitted to Be'er Sheva's Soroka Hospital after developing symptoms, and doctors were unable to save her. Last Thursday, Avraham Arushas, a 93-year-old man became the first resident of the Mishan home to die from coronavirus.

On Wednesday, Esther Halili, who also lives in the Be'er Sheva home, posted a video clip of herself in which she questioned why the elderly residents of the home have yet to be tested for infection. “Why do we have to bang on the doors and beg?” she asks in the clip. “Why do we have to plead for our lives?”

Two other female residents of the home are currently hospitalized in Soroka Hospital, in serious condition. An additional eight residents who have contracted the virus have been taken to the Na’ot Mediterranean Sea retirement home in Yaffo. Twenty-one residents of the Be'er Sheva home are in isolation, including Halili.

Halili says in the video clip, “We have been placed in isolation following our exposure to coronavirus that has already claimed lives. Why have our requests to be tested gone unanswered for a whole week? Of course, we are not members of the Knesset or relatives of the Prime Minister, but we are human beings and we’re worried that we might not survive this. We came here to live, not to die,” she says.

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