Meir Ben-Shabbat
Meir Ben-ShabbatGPO

National Security Council director Meir Ben-Shabbat Health Ministry Director-General Moshe Bar Siman Tov will brief the Cabinet ministers Tuesday night on the efforts to combat and contain the spread of the coronavirus.

As part of the briefing, Ben-Shabbat said: "We currently have four policy objectives. 1. To stop the epidemic. 2. Improved preparedness for continued expansion [of the disease]. 3. Create the conditions to exit from this situation. 4. A careful and slow return to a completely different routine than we knew before."

Ben-Shabbat made it clear that the return of the economy to its normal functioning will not begin in the coming days. "All this will only happen after Passover when the preparations have been completed."

"We are still in the danger zone. One day, like Purim, or one local flare-up is enough to hamper all our efforts and therefore the public must comply with the existing restrictions and follow all instructions," Ben Shabbat explained to the ministers.