FBI agent. Illustration
FBI agent. Illustrationצילום: istock

The FBI warns of anti-Jewish groups in the U.S. encouraging their operatives to spread the coronavirus among police and Jews.

An FBI document revealed by ABC News claims that "members of extreme groups encourage each other to spread the virus, if infected, through bodily fluids and interpersonal interactions." The FBI is alerting police agencies of concerns about using sprays to deploy body fluids against police officers. The groups are directing followers to spread the disease to Jews and, among other things listed are markets, offices, businesses, and synagogues.

The Jewish community now faces accusations of Jews "spreading epidemics" after it was learned that the hasidic neighborhoods are experiencing a disproportionate coronavirus outbreak. The primary outbreak in New York State occurred in a synagogue in the northern New Rochelle town of Manhattan. A significant increase in the number of carriers was recently reported in Brooklyn, with the two neighborhoods identified as eruption epicenters being the haredi neighborhoods in Borough Park and Williamsburg.

According to the New York Post earlier this week, 243 new coronavirus carriers were discovered in three Brooklyn neighborhoods. This represents 13% of all verified carriers diagnosed in the entire city until last Wednesday (1,871 in total). This marks a disproportionate number of haredim relative to the general population.

65 Chabad hasidim who landed in Israel a week ago were diagnosed with the virus. The hasidim are Israeli citizens who spent a school year learning in the Crown Heights neighborhood of New York, where about 8,000 patients have been diagnosed so far.