"The so-called occupation is the largest industry of lies in the entire world," explains former Palestinian Authority terrorist-turned-peace activist Mohammed Masad in a new viral video.

The video, released by the pro-Israel groups Canadians for Israel's Legal Rights and Im Tirtzu, has already been viewed over 150,000 times in 24 hours.

In the video, Masad contends that the "[occupation] is a business, a way to make money," that is perpetuated by far-left organizations and the Palestinian Authority "so they can make more money by trafficking the blood" of Israelis and Palestinians.

Masad was part of the infamous Fatah Black Panthers terror cell that carried out a number of terrorist attacks against Israel in the late 1980s and early 1990s

In 1991, he was arrested by Israel and sentenced to jail after his terror cell conducted a failed mission to kidnap an IDF soldier near Beit She'an.

He has since renounced terrorism and advocates for peace and against the corruption of the Palestinian Authority and all those who support it.

The video was released by Canadians for Israel's Legal Rights and Im Tirtzu in the framework of a new campaign aimed at "debunking the occupation lie."

According to the groups, the utterly baseless notion that Israel occupies "Palestinian land" is one of the most pernicious lies used to discredit, demonize, and de-legitimize the Jewish state and the Jewish people.

"The 'Big Occupation Lie' has become the driving source of BDS and modern-day anti-Semitism," the organizations explained, "and with all the discourse surrounding the 'Deal of the Century,' it is critical to explain the simple truth that Jews are indigenous to the Land of Israel."

The campaign coincides with the 100th Anniversary of the seminal San Remo Conference, convened by the Allies of World War I in April 1920, which entrenched Israel's legal rights in International Law.