Video clips of two Arabic interviews given by MK Heba Yazbak (Joint Arab List) reveal her battle against Zionism and ambition to eliminate Zionism and the State of Israel's Jewish and Zionist character.

In one of the videos, Yazbak can be heard saying, "We want to fight - with all our strength - racism, apartheid and Zionism. We will work with all our strength on our project of 'a state of all its citizens.'"

In the second interview, Yazbak says, "At the same time as we are joining the Knesset in order to achieve civil rights that we can use. We in Balad (Yazbak's faction in the Joint Arab List - ed.) are holding our compass strong - this is a state of all its citizens."

"This plan opposes and fights the country's Zionism and prides itself of divesting the country of its Jewish and Zionist existence, and at the same time preserves our national identity, without sacrificing full citizenship and without sacrificing citizenship."

Yazbak has come under fire for praising terrorists who murdered Israelis, including expressing regret over the elimination of terrorist Samir Kuntar, who smashed the skull of four-year-old Einat Haran in the Nahariya terror attack in 1979, and whom she called a "hero."