Pres. Rivlin with PM Netanyahu and MK Gantz
Pres. Rivlin with PM Netanyahu and MK GantzKobi Gideon / GPO

The Blue and White party is demanding the Justice Ministry as part of negotiations for forming a unity government.

According to Kan Reshet Bet, the demand comes together with another condition, which is the "right to veto" on legal issues. This would mean that any decision which affects the legal system will need to be approved by Blue and White.

Likud is willing to accept the demand for the "right to veto," but do not want to hand the Justice Ministry to Blue and White.

Blue and White MK Alon Schuster said that his party will insist "that the Israeli democracy, the separation of the various branches of the government, and strengthening the gatekeepers to the judicial system will be an inseparable part of a national emergency system, together with the difficult battle against coronavirus."

Another argument between the parties has to do with the rotation for the role of prime minister. Senior Blue and White officials have said that "if [Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu will agree to be content with a single year, we can close a coalition [agreement] within two days." However, the Likud is currently demanding two years for Netanyahu.