Prayer (illustrative)
Prayer (illustrative)iStock has launched a project to facilitate the saying of Mourner’s Kaddish on behalf of those who cannot do so in synagogue as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions placed upon them by local authorities or their doctors.

The site has launched an online page to ensure that the Mourner’s Kaddish will be said in synagogue.

Users are invited to fill out a form and volunteers will help them memorialize their dear departed during the mourning period and on the yahrtzeit (anniversary of passing).

Organizers note that whenever one has the opportunity to say Kaddish with a minyan (quorum of ten men), even ad hoc, it is advisable to do so, and it in no way contradicts the efforts of volunteers.

The volunteer-based program is exclusively for those who cannot make it to synagogue due to coronavirus restrictions, the site emphasized. has another service, offered in partnership with Colel Chabad, for those who need Kaddish said due to other reasons.