A majority of the Israeli public believes that Israel should assist the Palestinian Authority in the face of the novel coronavirus, according to a survey conducted by the Truman Institute for Peace of the Hebrew University.

59% of women believe that Israel should help the PA to deal with the crisis, as opposed to 67% of men. 60% of haredim do not think it is necessary to help, compared to 64% of the secular people who support such aid. 80% of those aged 65 and over stated that the state must assist the Palestinian Arabs.

The survey also examined the issue of the Trump Administration's Peace Initiative, 54% of respondents said it would not improve the security situation. However, 53% believe that a peace agreement will improve Israel's economic situation.

The survey also shows that 53% of respondents believe that if a peace agreement with the PA is signed, the situation of the Israeli economy will improve.

Prof. Vered Vinitzky-Seroussi head of the Truman Institute for Peace at the Hebrew University, notes that "63% of Israelis, especially now in these post-election days, when Israeli society is divided and still angry, believe that the Israeli government should mobilize in preventing and treating the epidemic even among Palestinians."

"At the same time, large sections of the population, including the haredim, the young, and women, do not want to help our neighbors during the Corona crisis. 59% of women believe that help is needed in contrast to 67% of men. The religious definition also has an obvious significance, 60% of the haredim do not think [the PA] should be helped compared to 64% of the secular who believe that [Israel] should help with the crisis.

Vinitzky-Seroussi also noted, "We see that as the surveyor's age increases, his willingness to help increases - 80% of those aged 65 and over stated that the state should assist Palestinians, and only 47% of those aged 18-24. I hope this is only a one-time phenomenon, and it is also important to remember that the issue is not yet over."