Joint List at President's Residence
Joint List at President's ResidenceMark Neiman, GPO

All 15 members of the Joint List recommended Benny Gantz as their preferred candidate for forming the next government in their consultation with President Rivlin at noon Sunday.

Chairman Ayman Odeh told the President "We had a tough argument. Balad had an opposing position on the recommendation. At the same time, Balad made a courageous decision which was essentially the unity of the Joint List and the adoption of the decision of the majority."

Following the recommendation of the Joint List, Gantz is expected to win 61 recommendations and will thus receive the mandate to form the government by tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest.

In such a situation, Gantz will be able to act swiftly to replace the Knesset Speaker, and Blue and White will receive chairmanship of the arrangements committee, enabling it to regulate Knesset activities.

Knesset control is expected to give Gantz a significant advantage in any future negotiations for the establishment of a unity government.

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