Despite media reports to the contrary, Arabs in Hevron instigated the violence following the funeral of terrorist victim Sgt. Shamai Elazar Leibovitz in Hevron this past Sunday. Readers of certain media reports were left with the impression that there was no reason for angry Jewish mourners to fight police and Arabs, and that the reported death of an Arab girl was the residents' fault. Arutz-7 brings the following eyewitness reports from Hevron resident Shelly Karzen and June Leavitt of Kiryat Arba, two of several who explained that objects thrown by Arabs instigated the violence.

Shelly Karzen told Arutz-7 yesterday,

"We had just left the Machpelah Cave area when we saw two Arab women standing on a roof not far from the street, cursing and yelling at us. It aroused genuine disgust to hear this in the middle of the funeral, and people began yelling back at them, and soldiers yelled at them to get away, and they finally left the roof. A few seconds later, from a roof that was closer to the funeral procession, an Arab man started throwing things at the people who were slightly ahead of me. First he threw a really heavy chair, and then big, metal objects. The crowd was fairly packed together, and it was quite dangerous. One really big thing that he threw luckily got caught in some electric wires for a couple of seconds, giving the people there a chance to get away. This was when the shooting started - I saw soldiers shooting towards him, and then I pretty much got away from there.... It is 100% definite that the shooting incident began when this Arab guy started throwing things on us."

June Leavitt of Kiryat Arba wrote in the New York Times today,

"...thousands of mourners walked slowly behind [the coffin] through the streets of Hevron to the cemetery on the hilltop where King David first had his kingdom. The rocks that the Arabs hurled from nearby rooftops on the funeral procession fell like sparks on a keg of gasoline. Young settlers responded to the rock-throwing by exploding through lines of Israeli soldiers..."