Yitzhak Biton
Yitzhak Bitonpicture used with permission of family

Yitzhak Biton, the Israeli who contracted the Coronavirus on the Diamond Princess ship in Japan, was released Thursday from quarantine at Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer. According to doctors he has recovered from the virus.

"I'm doing great thanks to this department," Biton said. "If there is more treatment, it will be at home. The Health Ministry has done it's job. This is all because of them."

Biton was one of two Israelis who tested positive for the Coronavirus after they were flown back to Israel from Japan upon being allowed to leave the Diamond Princess.

Earlier today, it was found that an Israeli who had recently returned from Milan in Italy, had contracted the virus and was admitted to hospital under isolation conditions in Tel Hashomer. The patient lives in the Iros community in central Israel.

His wife told N12, "he feels great, like a really mild flu. All the family members are staying in quarantine at home and feel good."

Dr. Galia Barkai, the doctor who is treating the patient, told Shesh that "he came back from Milan, came home and felt unwell. He went to the MDA hotline and they came home to do the corona test.. After it came out positive, we received a call from the Ministry of Health to transfer him to us to the isolated complex. "