Islamic Jihad rockets
Islamic Jihad rocketsFlash 90

Security officials say that various members of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization have sent messages through Egyptian mediation expressing their desire for an immediate ceasefire. Reports claim it will go into effect at 10:00 p.m.

"We are skeptical. The IDF will continue to work until there is quiet in the south and by planning a much more powerful level. Only the acts on the ground will determine," the officials said.

Earlier, the Islamic Jihad military arm announced that it had "completed its military response" to the incident where a terrorist's body was dragged by a bulldozer in the Khan Yunis area.

Yesterday afternoon, about 80 rockets were launched at southern Israel - and the targets extended to Ashkelon, Netivot and Sderot. Two people were lightly injured on their way to a protected area.

Islamic Jihad's military wing announced that it "promises the Palestinian people and nation that it will continue the Jihad path and respond to any attempt by Israel to harm the Palestinian people and their land."

This evening IAF combat planes and helicopters attacked Islamic Jihad sites throughout the Gaza Strip, including storage facilities for naval weapons and training compounds.

Prime Minister Netanyahu toured the Iron Dome Battery in the Ashdod area, where he warned: "Yesterday we attacked several arenas - we attacked in Syria, we attacked in Gaza, and we are now striking with planes, tanks and helicopters."

"We will continue to strike until the silence returns. I have a message for the leaders of the terrorist organizations: If you do not restore quiet - you are next."