Gloves, disinfectants and protective masks
Gloves, disinfectants and protective masksProfessor Itamar Grotto's Facebook page

Arutz Sheva Staff reported today that Professor Itamar Grotto, Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Health, returned from Japan today [Sunday] and entered a 14-day isolation period at his home.

Grotto, who was in Japan to promote the return of Israelis from the Corona Ship, posted on his Facebook page: "I returned this morning from Japan after days of challenging, important and instructive activities."

His family prepared gloves, disinfectants and protective masks for him. "In accordance with the Ministry of Health's guidelines, I'm beginning an insulation period at home today. I will also have to minimize contact with my family. Don't worry - today's technology will allow me to continue working, taking part in decision-making processes and remote management for the benefit of public health in Israel," he added.

Earlier today, the Foreign Office issued a travel warning to South Korea and Japan following further spread of the coronavirus, with Thailand also expected to join the list. The ministry requested Israelis in these locations to consider leaving the country and follow the local authority's guidelines.

Israeli citizens returning home or remaining in these countries within the 14 days preceding their return will face a 14-day isolation period.

Meanwhile, residents of Har Gilo petitioned the High Court against a decision to allow South Korean tourists suspected of carrying the virus from entering a local military facility.

Earlier, Har Gilo residents blocked the entrance to the settlement, protesting the decision to allow the tourists into the facility.